We understand that getting married and finding the right life partner is a scary process...

There are so many things to take into account such as family involvement, finances, compatibility, your dreams and aspirations, your character and your obligations to Allah etc.

It can be really overwhelming!

That's why we're here to make the whole process easier for you! When we first started Pure Matrimony back in 2010, we had a very clear vision of why we set up this service:

To help the Ummah complete half of their deen in a safe, halal and shariah-compliant way. We believe it’s only possible to truly achieve this by marrying someone who is actively seeking to build their akhirah and needs a life partner who will support them on this journey.

Developed in consultation with leading Mashaikh and recommended and endorsed by many Islamic organisations and dawah institutes, Pure Matrimony is the perfect alternative to traditional matchmaking services for those who are struggling to find a practising spouse.

Our unique 3 Step Pure Match System™ focuses on a deeper level of compatibility that goes way beyond just likes and dislikes. You’ll be matched with the right person – someone who truly understands you.

Our system is so successful that we’re currently helping an average of 80 people a week find their perfect partner, and Insha’Allah we can help you too!

To find out more about how our system works, we invite you to sign up for our webinar called: ‘Are You The One? How To Find Out If Someone Is Right For You & Use Matrimonial Services The Right Way!’

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to find the right person based on just 3 simple criteria from the Quran and Sunnah – that’s it!

• How our 3 Step Pure Match System works with these Quranic principles to help you someone deeply compatible with you

• What to look out for and what to avoid when searching online

This webinar is packed with tips, advice and action points of how to meet the right person online – so make sure you register now for the webinar and get your family watching it with you too!

To register for the webinar, simply click here: WEBINAR 

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