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Most ‘Muslim Match-Making’ sites are purely focused on making money and are more like dating sites. Pure Matrimony is totally different!

We cater exclusively for practising Muslims looking to complete half of their deen in a safe, secure and halal environment. The tools we provide on our platform are specifically designed to help you find your match based on personality and deeper compatibility for a higher level match.

Our ethos is based upon the Quranic ayah in which Allah states "women of Purity are for men of Purity and men of Purity are for women of Purity" (Quran 24:26)

We developed Pure Matrimony in consultation with Mashaikh who are also marriage guidance counsellors and have a solid grounding in fiqh. Our platform is 100% shariah compliant and we’re endorsed by some of the leading educational and dawah organisations and Mashaikh in the West.

Plus, thanks to our extensive educational resources such as webinars, videos, Free reports, podcasts, articles etc, we not only help you get together, but we help you STAY together.

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Here’s How We Keep It Pure!

Pure Matrimony is built specifically to help you find your better half in a halal and safe manner.

Private Profiles

Communication is encouraged based on Islamic values, personality and character rather than looks, therefore preventing those who like to ‘window shop’.

Wali Support

Your wali can be included in all communications so they’re fully involved in the process if you want them to be. Plus, having your wali present increases safety for sisters!

Enhanced Profile Moderation

Profiles are carefully hand-checked to stop time wasters and those looking for ‘fun’ or dating.

Compatibility Questionnaire

Over 100 questions based on all aspects of career, life, aspirations and goals ensures you get a better insight into anyone you talk to!

Moderated Discussions

Discussions are moderated to ensure the safety of our members and to keep conversations pure.

Shariah Compliant

Pure Matrimony is endorsed by some of the largest dawah organisations and most respected Mashaikh in the West.

Profile Safety Controls

You are in charge of who gets to see your profile, who you talk to and allows you to report and block members from contacting you!

Measurable Success

On average, 80 people a week find and marry their Pure Match.

Regular Webinars and Education

Get the best advice from the Quran and Sunnah so you’ve got everything you need to get together and STAY together!

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