Full Time | Digital Marketing & Sales
Location: Bradford,UK
Salary: Competitive, depending on experience


  • Define the strategy, roadmap and success metrics for social marketing activities across the Pure Matrimony products that align to our goals and broader marketing activities
  • Implement a coordinated and curated content editorial calendar that supports our communications needs
  • Manage and execute individual social media campaigns and content targeting the right message to the right audience, leveraging best practices for both organic/boosted content and community management and listening
  • Track, analyze and report on campaign results providing ROI optimization and improvement recommendations


  • 3+ years of social media marketing experience (specifically managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iTunes, Youtube & Pinterest)
  • Creative sense and experience pushing products across social media platforms
  • Knowledge in using data and insights to inform strategy and recommendations
  • Experience in both driving strategy and in campaign execution
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field

Posted: 30th January 2023
Closing date: 28th February 2023

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