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Success stories » Siddiqui

Name: Siddiqui 
Age: 32
Profession: Operation Manager In Shipping
Location: Dubai

  • How long did you search for a partner prior to joining Pure Matrimony?

    I don't remember exactly but I received an email last year with a friend that time my mom was searching for a good Islamic girl for me so i just make profile here not intentionally but just for the free time I thought maybe I can get a great spouse this way because I believe Allah ta'ala give us the ways.

  • When did you register on Pure Matrimony?

    Last year July, 2011.

  • How long were you registered before you first came across your spouse?

    I think one month.

  • What was important to you in your search for a spouse?

    To find an honest and sincere girl who follows the Islamic rules in life.

  • How soon did you get married after your first contact with one another?

    18th November, 2012 our nikah ceremony date. but still waiting for stay together I mean waiting for Rukhsati soon Insha Allah.

  • Did you feel that Pure Matrimony was a good alternative to the marriage search?

    I am really thankful to Pure Matrimony people Allah give them the big honour in Heaven and all happiness on earth who provide me the greatest way to find a best life partner.

  • What other avenues had you used in the past?

    No way i was not interesting that much to use avenues but it was luckily i just clicked on pure matrimony.

  • How did Pure Matrimony differ from other avenues?

    They are monitoring very well, maybe they are using so purity sentences in their pages.  I like their procedures and rules.

  • What advice would you give to others out there who are struggling to find their marriage partners?

    To be patience and wait for their turn just pray to Allah and think positive and believe whatever the Allah will give will be the best for their life.

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