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Success stories

Success Stories

  • It was important for me to find a practicing Muslim who took the deen seriously and was from a stable practising family. Pure Matrimony was definitely a good alternative, especially compared to other matrimonial websites where it can be struggle to find someone who is practising.
  • I should begin by praising Allah (SWT) for having mercy on me through this stressful search and keeping me patient and sane, and express my gratitude to the PM team for the help they have given me in an area that is no doubt full of hardship and trials.
  • I started to seriously think of marriage when I was in my early twenties when I was finishing medical school in Ireland, especially when my older sisters got married. But none of my effort resulted to marriage. My parents were unwell and so we were left on my own to find potential husbands. My sisters got married in their late twenties.
  • Undoubtedly, you are working best to meet people in this world, although we have faith that couples are already meant for each other in heaven, years before they meet in the world. But you people make the journey as easy as possible for them. I came to know my spouse through your esteemed website and nobody believes that it all happened within just few days.
  • Be patience and wait for your turn just pray to Allah and think positive and believe whatever the Allah will give will be the best for your life. I am really thankful to Pure Matrimony people Allah give them the big honour in Heaven and all happiness on earth who provide me the greatest way to find a best life partner.
  • My search to find a spouse started when I was 21 and just finishing uni. I first came across Pure Matrimony when I attended an Alkauthar course in London. I was quite thrilled to know that there was a new website where brothers who go to alkauthar courses would be on there.
  • I began using Pure Matrimony early 2016 & cutting my long up & down experience-filled story short alhamdulilah found my long patiently-awaited soul-mate in every sense of the word. We're happily married & I can hardly wait till we're in Allah's Jannah together.
  • So we have been married for an year now. We found each other on Pure Matrimony. it seemed really intangible when we looked into each others profile because of our nationalities, but there was a catch and it was because of Pure Matrimony we were able to land our relationship right in a dignified manner. The catch was our values dictated by Islam, interests and worldly aspirations.

Latest Success Stories

  • 19/06/2020
    Mueen | I think I found the love...
  • 25/06/2018
    voiceofmuspurematri | Jazakumullahu Khairan for P.M & everyone out there for this wonderful platform...Though it took nearly 4 yrs to look out for the potential partner for my daughter but it was worthy the wait.
  • 23/06/2018
    Abdirizaq | I've found a marriage partner through your website within 10 days and would recommend this to all Muslims who want to get married through Halal means.
  • 18/06/2018
    Amzy01 | Id like to say JazakAllah Khair to purematrimony. I have found a very lovely brother on here, well he found me
  • 09/06/2018
    Angelite | I loved that pure matrimony helps people to find their soulmate in accordance with shariah.
  • 02/06/2018
    rashdon | I want to use this medium to say jazakumlah khayran for this wonderful platform...
  • 13/05/2018
    iqra123 | I would like to say that the Pure Matrimony website was the vehicle through which Allah blessed me with the most wonderful, kind, caring and generous spouse.
  • 11/05/2018
    ShayIslam | Pure Matrimony is designed in such a way so that your faith is not compromised yet you get all the information you need about the potential spouse
  • 26/04/2018
    Ameerati | I really enjoyed the services offered. I have met well respected brothers on the site.
  • 20/04/2018
    cupcakes123 | I was skeptical about joining a matrimonial site. After much persuasion from Dad, I set up an account on Pure Matrimony. Within 2 months, I found my match and couldn't believe it.
  • 17/04/2018
    Psychologistmuslim | The service was very good they delivered their promise and alhamdulillah I have found someone.
  • 03/04/2018
    MHMHUDD | May Allah reward you all for creating this website. I was hesitant at first to use the website, but Alhamdulilah through it I completed half of my Deen.
  • 01/04/2018
    Abdurrahman1992 | Thank you so much for helping me find the woman of my dreams. I am incredibly happy, I can't thank PM enough.
  • 23/03/2018
    Glory7 | Very nice initiative...all things done under islamic guidance. May Allah make this even more successful.
  • 23/03/2018
    abd474 | Thank you for this wonderful platform. May Allah keep this service pure and blessed.
  • 20/03/2018
    abuNaimHafs | BarakAllahu fik for the services. May Allah keep our heart clean
  • 15/03/2018
    malik93 | I was a skeptic of using such services, but thought I would give it a try after hearing of its success stories and it’s adherence to the sharia.
  • 08/03/2018
    Deen121 | I never thought it was possible to find a soul mate, Alhamdulillah I think I may have found mine on pure matrimony.
  • 02/03/2018
    munmun1 | I applied for a spouse I did not believe I will find someone, after being a member 10 hour I meet my soulmate
  • 01/03/2018
    SincerelyLooking | It may take some time, however stick with it in sha Allah. Most brothers on here are genuinely seeking marriage.
  • 22/02/2018
    Sugz1 | Alhamdulillah the Pure Matrimony has provided a halal platform for practicing single Muslims to find a righteous spouse and life partner. T
  • 19/02/2018
    modestyislife | May Allah bless this website and make it more successful. It has helped me sooo much on my quest to finding someone who was on par with me on a spiritual level.
  • 13/02/2018
    fisabililah1 | Alhamdulilah, this site was very helpful and clean in its approach to aiding people to find a pure spouse.
  • 06/02/2018
    MuslimahAlhamdLillah | I am really happy to have found my partner here. He is exactly what I needed in a husband. I feel truly blessed.
  • 03/02/2018
    AaleeyaS | Best online matrimonial site for pious muslims.
  • 09/01/2018
    TrustworthyIam | I dont know how it happened i used to pray to Allah to show me the way to find a spouse.
  • 05/01/2018
    bravemuslim | Alhamdulillah this is a wonderful site for practicing muslims. I found it very useful in many ways highly recommended for those who really looking for a pious brother/sister as a life partner.

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