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Name: Farihah
Age: 21
Profession: Housewife
Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire

  • How long did you search for a partner prior to joining Pure Matrimony?

    Probably a year but wasn't actively seeking a partner until summer 2010.

  • When did you register on Pure Matrimony?

    I registered on Pure Matrimony before its launch in August 2010, I was given free membership for a year for testing and providing feedback before the official launch of the website.

  • How long were you registered before you first came across your spouse?

    I was registered for approximately a year before I first came across my spouse who joined as part of the ramadan special offer where new members get free membership for a few months. I found my spouse the very day he joined Pure Matrimony and invited him to view my profile.

  • What was important to you in your search for a spouse?

    It was important for me to find a practising muslim who took the deen seriously and was from a stable practising family.

  • How soon did you get married after your first contact with one another?

    We got married very soon after our first contact with one another. I invited him to view my profile which when he did sent me a message with a few questions but informed me that he will be going on Itikhaf the next day so may be unable to reply for a while. I answered his questions and it so happened that we were online at the same time, on receiving my reply he was happy with the answers I had given so allowed me to view his photos . After viewing his photos I allowed him to view mine. He asked if he could give my details to his sister so that she could contact me while he was on Itikhaf to which I agreed. The next day I received an email from his sister only to discover that she was someone who I already knew as we both volunteered for the same charity. Two weeks after Eid we met in person, my spouse and his parents came over to my house for lunch. We met twice before we decided to go ahead and set a date for the wedding in December 2011, so now we have been married for 7 months alhamdulilah.

  • Did you feel that Pure Matrimony was a good alternative to the marriage search?

    Yes, Pure Matrimony was definitely a good alternative, especially compared to other matrimonial websites where it can be struggle to find someone who is practising. The concept that only people who pray 5 times daily can join Pure Matrimony is the reason why I believe that Pure Matrimony is the best way to find like minded practising partners.

  • What other avenues had you used in the past?

    I had attended one muslim marriage event at the mosque, through my parents, and also other matrimonial websites, including singlemuslim and halfourdeen. 

  • How did Pure Matrimony differ from other avenues?

    It seemed like everyone on the website were genuinely interested in marriage, unlike other matrimonials where they are just looking to have a chat. The quality of people on there was very good, as in they seemed to be more practising. 

  • What advice would you give to others out there who are struggling to find their marriage partners?

    I would tell them to never give up hope, to always make dua and that it is all worth it in the end. Once you meet someone, everything will happen so fast you will soon forget all the struggles you went through to find that person!

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