So who are we?

Pure Matrimony has been brought to you by Mercy Mission World. Mercy Mission World is an organisation which has a vision to build "A world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity."

We have a duty to Allah and His Messenger to support His religion and uplift their mention. As a result, we must support Muslims around the world to return back to their faith and help them build exemplary Islamic communities in order to fulfill the greater goal of benefiting humanity. This is the path of being bestowed with leadership of humanity.

Pure Matrimony was something we decided to implement after having implemented a successful project named .  Just Go Do It was an initiative we launched inviting people to salah.  It was an international campaign that went viral on Facebook.  After this campaign and an extensive market research we found that there was a genuine need for a trustworthy platform for Practising Muslims seeking a marriage partner.  As a result we built Pure Matrimony.

Unlike other websites with Pure Matrimony you can rest assured that profits from your subscriptions payments will help towards many of our projects.  Please view the videos below:

Your Subscription Payments Helping New Revert Sisters In India

Your Subscription Payments Helping In Dawah Projects

Your Subscription Payments Helping Towards Mercy Mission's Global Vision

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